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We are pleased to be working with IBIS BUDGET HOTELS in both Birmingham and London. These hotels have kindly been willing to work with us in offering you a great discount from their normnal rates. This makes our events more affordable for those who would be travelling , and costs are important .


Bgs has a long history and great established working relationship with the management and staff of this hotel going right back to 2009. 

The staff are so accepting and friendly and really make our stay in Birmingham a great experience.

The rooms are no frills, basic but clean and ideally located to walk to the Fountain Bar.

On each of our events in Birmingham I have a small allocation  of rooms set aside at a discount rate. Contact me for further info  .

I have added the booking info below >>>


This hotel is approx 25 mins away from Central Station by BUS. The bus runs throughout the night from out side the hotel to the venue direct. We have not worked with this hotel before and this is a new venture for us . The nearest tube station is Aldgate East  - very close to  the hotel.

5, Commercial Street, London

We have been impressed with the welcome BGS has had from it's management and we look forward to building a great relationship over the months to come.

OIFEST HOTEL BOOKINGS NOW SHOREDITCH and its a RED higher standard at same price ! 

Hi guys ok things have got abit complicated regarding obtaining the discounted priced of £70 a night room only for Friday & Saturday and £80 for Sunday Night.  Apparently these hotels in London are so busy they cant micro manage group bookings. So I have to sign a contract and book the rooms in my name and I am liable for the finance. So i have to hand over a the lump sum of total group  TWO months  before the event and hand over the full list of names of people using the rooms in my group. I tried to change this as I did not want the hassle of all this , however it is the only way .


I have now set up in this site a booking page for the BGS OIFEST HOTEL. In order to reserve your room please do the following ;

  1. Only book a room when you are certain you need it as I cannot be messing around with cancellations and changes etc .

  2. Go to the Book Ibis Oifest Hotel in the site and select the type of room you want Twin or Double

  3. Once in the selected room go to the dates on october select ONE DAY ONLY if you want to book 2 nights then you will have to repeat this process for the 2nd day . So if you just want a room for one night select 28th or 29th , click on the time 2pm button then it will ask you to fill in some info which I need . then click on the £70 to pay you will get instructions how to pay. I am not taking card payments because transcations fees will be taken. I will need payment direct into my Business Account Bank Transfer. If you booking both nights you will have to book a room for friday an then repeat for saturday.

  4. If you want Sunday night then so same for Sunday at teh added rate for £80. NB Sunday night rooms VERY LIMITED FIRST COME FIRST SERVED  .

  5. Once paid then please email me to let me know you have paid .I will then cheack as then add you to my group list and send you a confirmation . Your booking is not confirmed until you get an email from me .

  6. Please remember you aer not booking direct with the hotel you - you letting me have the money so i can pay the total group bill. I hope that makes sense Any questions just ask.

This process is the best I can come up with and still get the discount, other wise we would loose the lower charge. Please be sure once you pay you will not change your mind .As i say I did not want this extra burden , and dont want any messing around. Thanks for your understanding.




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