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This  page is where we place adverts for other site owners and adverts offering you good services. BGS takes no responsibility for the quality of the products and services that these 3rd party businesses offer.

This store is actually owned by Tp-Products Ltd. It offers a great range of quality Adult fetish clothing and adult sex toys. BGS MEMBERS can get 5% discount by contacting  Steve  at

This online shop operated by one of members (RYAN) offers a great range of clothing Specialising in Bleached jeans & jackets , and offering a great range of Polos . All ideal for gay skins and fetish guys. Once again this store offers a 5% discount off its products for BGS MEMBERS. Ask Ryan for details .


This venue in MANCHESTER offers a unique studio space fully equipped for the Adult BDSM enthusiast. You can hire the studios space for your own private use, or  the studio has Dungeon Masters who can work with you for a fee..Amazing resource !

email us for further information;

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