OK guys,

TICKETS : I have now set up a ticketing sales system wtth a merchant processor and tickets for OIFEST are NOW FOR SALE https://www.bgscommunity.com/events/oifest-12-london-2022 we are restricted to 200 , so I have set up ticket types with this in mind. It will help me plan and know how many people we will be getting if you pay early , hence the early bird ticket is now available and the others will become live shortly. Once you have your ticket you need to bring it to the event and exchange it for a wristband to get entrance to the event. Please note there are no refunds unless the event is cancelled for some reason so be sure you are able to come.

ACOMMODATION : You will see we now have another option for you , for accomodation . So we have the IBIS RED HOTEL at Shoreditch block booked and for those who would prefer cheaper accomodation I have reserved DORMITORY ACCOMODATION in a pub near Euston Station .This will be exclusive to OIFEST MALE GUESTS ONLY. I have two dorms booked providing 17 beds in total . One room has three bunks of three beds ( 9 bed room ) and the other has three double bunks ( 6 bed room ) . There is also a breakfast provided. The cost of this is currently set at £40 a night so £80 per bed but if we manage to book most of the beds we can get the cost down to £20 or £25 a night. I will refund any price difference once we know nearer the tme how many people want this bed. This does bring accomdation costs right down and hopefully will make it abit easieri for people to attend oifest .

There has been alot of hours spent seeting systems up on the web site to make it all work so if you find a problem then please let me know . The key thing here is PLEASE BOOK EARLY FOR OIFEST and also dont book until your sure you can come . All these things take time to sort and given all the stuff I have going on I cant be botherd with being messed around. I am sure you can understand this.

HELP NEEDED : RE OIFEST there is alot going on and I am drawing up the programme now as we speak , I will need some helpers who are prepared to help me on the door and also to help be arond to host guests make sure they know where things are and be a friendly welcoming face. If YOU are willing to give up some of your OIFEST time to actually help as a volunteer then please let me know. Those who really are willing to be helpers will get FREE TICKETS.

PASS ON INFORMATION : Last thing we NEED YOUR HELP NOW , YES YOU LOL ! Please can you help pass on all the info re oifest and our monthly events to you friends and fellow skins who may be interested in join us . Advertising costs, eg banner add in recon is about £500 .. for a month, are not cheap and we do not have the capital to lay out such a campaign so I need you to help pass on all the invite and maybe add to you profiles etc . Just get the info out to help us all enjoy well attended BGS EVENTS



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